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Improve Your Golf game and Enjoy it more!

Improve Your Golf game and Enjoy it more!  It doesn't matter whether you're in Dallas, Fort Worth, Sherman, Denison, McKinney, Plano, Allen, Frisco, or even out of state, Golfers want to enjoy their game more and play better Golf.  How about YOU?

Sports Performance Dallas Hypnosis NLP

Don't just Break through -- SMASH through any Obstacles holding You back! Many other high school, college, even professional athletes in North Texas from Dallas, Fort Worth, McKinney, Plano, Frisco, Allen, etc. have improved their Sports Performance.  How about you?  Are you ready?

Dallas Hypnosis for Confident Public Speaking

Don't let the Fear of Public Speaking hold You back even one more day!  For individuals or groups in the Dallas / Fort Worth / North Texas area - or even beyond!

Dallas Fort Worth Alpha Process Coaching for Personal Development

Remove those Self Limiting Beliefs holding You back in Business and Life!  Whether you're in Dallas, Fort Worth, Frisco, Plano, Allen, or even out of state, it's time to turn those Obstacles into Stepping Stones!

Many doctors refer patients to Dallas Hypnosis for a variety of reasons.

Hypnosis for Health and Wellness   Better Sleep / Stress Reduction More and More Physicians in Dallas, Fort Worth, Plano, McKinney, and all of North Texas are now referring their patients for Hypnosis.  Have you talked to your doctor about using Hypnosis to help you?

Dallas Hypnosis not Quit Smoking but Stop Smoking

Enjoy being Tobacco / Smoke / Dip Free!  Conveniently located in just a short trip up Hwy 75 North from Dallas - all natural - no scary side effects of putting dangerous drugs in your body!

Coach William C. Smith Dallas / Fort Worth Hypnosis

Why do so many people just like you, from Dallas and all of North Texas choose to have me help them?  And why does the vast majority of my clients come from referrals from past clients?  One word -- RESULTS!  
I have the experience, professionalism, training, and intense desire to help You succeed, just as I have thousands of others!  

Are you ready to increase your Confidence and Performance in Sports, Business, or Life and make those changes you've been wanting to make?   Then you're in the right place!

Helping people just like you is what I most enjoy doing!  You can either call and get started, or keep procrastinating and one day wish you did.  Don't wait any longer.  Let's get started now!

Call 214-754-0021 any day of the week AFTER 10 AM and before 10 PM.

Imagine enjoying the Healthier, Happier Life You want and deserve to have!  Finally be Free of those bad habits that have been holding You back!  Gain the Confidence and Focus You need to Succeed in Sports - Business - Life!  I'm here to help! 

In real estate it's all about Location, Location, Location!  With Hypnosis, it's about Experience, Experience, Experience!  And You also want someone with extensive training and great credentials.  You won't find another Hypnotist in this area with a better combination of Experience, Training, and Credentials.  CLICK HERE for client testimonials

Clients from many other cities, states, and even countries come to see me for Hypnosis and Alpha Process Coaching here at Action Resources Center because I'm trained and experienced in areas of Hypnosis most Hypnotists never work with - like Sports, Health / Wellness / Comfort (Pain Control), and Anger Coaching! 
And I also receive, and appreciate referrals from Educators, Attorneys, Coaches, Clergy, Personal Trainers, Golf Pros, Physicians, and many other Health Care Providers and even other Hypnotists with less experience and training in some of the areas I specialize in.

The "Featured" Hypnosis / NLP Hypnosis in Magazines is:  Mechanix Illustrated -- May 1945 "How Hypnosis Cures Battle Shock"  CLICK HERE to see it.

The "Featured" Hypnosis / NLP article is: "Sports Hypnosis the Mental Edge Competitors Hope You Never Discover"   CLICK HERE to read it.

The "Featured"  Hypnosis / NLP FAQ is:  "What Does Religion Say About Hypnosis?"  CLICK HERE to read the answer.

"Most of the darkness in my Life was caused by me standing in the shadow of my own sunlight."  Ralph Waldo Emerson



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