Summer time is the right time to make those changes You want to make!  
Instead of regretting not changing - give me a call and get started!
Give yourself a gift -- you deserve it!
Give yourself a gift - you deserve it!
Summer Special - Sports Hypnosis for high school, college, professional, and adult ATHLETES.  It's time to build up some confidence and reach new goals!  Give me a call today for details.
Think about this - what if you don't call, but your Buddy does and gets a huge advantage over you!  Call today or have regrets later.  Which will it be?

Click the BLUE links or the PICTURES below for information about how Hypnosis can help You make Changes in Your Life!  Just like it has for many other people in the Dallas / Fort Worth area who have come to my office here in Dallas.

Don't just Break through -- SMASH through any Obstacles holding You back!  Many other high school, college, even professional atheltes in Dallas have improved their Sports Performance.  How about you?  Are you ready?

Sports Performance Dallas Hypnosis NLP

Dallas Hypnosis not Quit Smoking but Stop Smoking

Enjoy being Tobacco / Smoke / dip Free!  Conveniently located in Dallas / Fort Worth - all natural - no scary side effects of putting dangerous drugs in your body!
Don't let the Fear of Public Speaking hold You back even one more day!  For individuals or groups in the Dallas / Fort Worth area - or even beyond!

Dallas Hypnosis for Confident Public Speaking

Hypnosis Dallas not Weight Loss or Lose Weight but Reduce Weight or Manage Weight

Finally get rid of those Excess pounds - Look and Feel Healthier  Many people in the Dallas / Fort Worth area have come in and been helped to become a healthy weight

Remove those Obstacles holding You back in Business and Life!  Whether you're in Dallas / Fort Worth or even out of state, it's time to turn those Obstacles into Stepping Stones!

Dallas Fort Worth Alpha Process Coaching for Personal Development

Hypnosis can help Children and Teens IF the child wants to make changes Hypnosis Dallas

Hypnosis for Teens and Children  Two things to remember - the child / teen must recognize there is a problem and they must want to make a change.

Improve Your Golf game and Enjoy it more!  It doesn't matter whether you're here in Dallas / Fort Worth or even out of state, Golfers want to enjoy their game more and play better Golf.  How about YOU?

Improve Your Golf game and Enjoy it more!

Dallas Hypnosis can help deal with Test Anxiety for test taking and exams, whether they are high school, college, or even professional exams.

Destroy the Test Anxiety / Make Better Grades!  Whether it's a high school / college student or a professional preparing for a professional exam, stress can keep you from doing your best.

Manage / Control Anger  Be in Control!  Anger can destroy your family.  Many individuals in the Dallas / Fort Worth area, have discovered it's how to learn to control the Anger instead of it controlling them!

Dallas Anger Coaching - Why Anger Coaching? Because You want to take Full Responsibility for Your Life NOW and You want to do it quickly BEFORE it's too late.

Many doctors refer patients to Dallas Hypnosis for a variety of reasons.

Hypnosis for Health and Wellness   More and More Physicians here in Dallas / Fort Worth are now referring their patients for Hypnosis.  Have you talked to your doctor about using Hypnosis to help you?
Men's Health and Sexual Performance   Men, stop being embarrassed by a problem between your ears.  Consult your local Dallas / Fort Worth physician and if he / she tells you it's not physical, then let's talk!  It's time to restore your Confidence!

Hypnosis Dallas can help with Premature Ejaculation and Erectile Dysfunction as long as there is nothing physically wrong.

Ringing in the ears? Dallas Hypnosis can help minimize and distract from the sound.

Using Hypnosis to Help Control Tinnitus  In many cases, it's been found that Hypnosis can help relieve the stress and discomfort of tinnitus.  My office is in the Dallas / Fort Worth area.  I've even had clients from Oklahoma and Arkansas come in for help with this.

Of course there are MANY other ways Hypnosis / NLP can help people make positive Life Enhancing Changes.  CLICK HERE for a few more ways you may not have thought of. 

And if you see something on here you think would be of interest to a family member or friend, be sure and pass it on.  They'll appreciate your thinking about them.  Click the "envelope" below.

Why does the vast majority of my clients come from referrals from past clients?  One word -- RESULTS!  
I have the experience, training, professionalism, and intense desire to help You succeed, just as I have thousands of others!  

Imagine enjoying the Healthier, Happier Life You want and deserve to have!  Finally be Free of those bad habits that have been holding You back!  Gain the Confidence and Focus You need to Succeed in Sports - Business - Life!  I'm here to help!   My office is convenient to the whole Dallas / Fort Worth area - at I-35 N and 635.

While you're here, CLICK HERE to Download Your free Copy of my ebook -- "The Hypnotist Within - Discover the Power of Self Hypnosis"

In real estate it's all about Location, Location, Location!  With Hypnosis, it's about Experience, Experience, Experience!  And You also want someone with extensive training and great credentials.  You won't find another Hypnotist in this area with a better combination of Experience, Training, and Credentials.  CLICK HERE for client testimonials

William C. Smith, Board Certified Hypnotist

What makes William C. Smith the one You want to call when You're Serious about making those Changes?  Because he's the one people just like You - along with athletes and business professionals - call when they want Results!
You get Hypnosis and a whole lot more!  Coach William uses Logic, Ericksonian Hypnosis, NLP, humor, and he teaches his clients to do Self Talk and Self Hypnosis Correctly!  You won't find that combination anywhere else!

CLICK HERE for more information about the Hypnotist.

Dallas Hypnosis / NLP professional office in the One Metro Square Professional Building

My professional office is located in the Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex in the One Metro Square Professional Building at 635 (LBJ) and 35E

Something I'm very proud of - the majority of my clients come from referrals from former and current satisfied clients. I also get referrals from Physicians, Coaches, Therapists, other Professionals, and even other Hypnotists!  And an internet search may be how some people find me.  I’m glad you’re here however you found me!  And I look forward to working with you too!
- William C. Smith, BCH, CI

NOW Just Imagine having the Better and Brighter Future You Want and Deserve to Have in Your LIFE!  Imagine it, and I'll do my best to help You use Hypnosis  and NLP to create that Future.

Find out what other people just like You wrote about their visits with me and why they are glad they came to me for Hypnosis and NLP to help them make Healthy Changes. And why clients, physicians, mental health professionals, and others refer their friends, patients / clients to me.  Most came from the Dallas / Fort Worth area, but many have come from other areas of Texas and even other states.

The "Featured" Dallas Hypnosis / NLP Hypnosis in Magazines is:  Sports - October 1993 "Hypnosis- Who it Hurts / Who it Helps"  CLICK HERE to see it.

The "Featured" Dallas Hypnosis / NLP article is: "A Bucket List?  Use Hypnosis to Create a Butterfly List!"   CLICK HERE to read it.

The "Featured"  Dallas Hypnosis / NLP FAQ is:  "What do Scientific and Medical Experts say about Hypnosis?"  CLICK HERE to read the answer.

"Imagination is everything.  It is the preview of Life's coming attractions!."  Albert Einstein

(Call after 10 AM and Before 10 PM Central Time
even on weekends, my phone is forwarded.)

To continue reading more about Dallas Hypnosis / NLP -- CLICK HERE.






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Hypnosis NLP Coaching for:

Sports: golf, tennis, football, hockey, baseball, basketball, soccer, football, gymnastics, body building, swimming, diving, equestrian, tumbling, shooting, marathons, triathlons, weight training, climbing, mountaineering, rodeo, bull riding, biking, racing,  track, and ANY other Sport!

Business:  Confident public speaking, Stopping Self Sabotage, Focus / Discipline / Persistence, Goal Achievement, Stress Reduction



Getting Unstuck

Letting go of Worries

Breaking Bad Habits / Strenghtening Good Habits  

Stopping (not quitting) smoking

Weight reduction or healthy weight management (not losing)


Health & Wellness:  Stress, Better Sleep, Men's Performance Issues (ED / PE), Confident Public Speaking, Procrastination , Fears, Test Prep/Test Anxiety, Tinnitus, Trichotillomania, Bruxism, Chronic Pain Management with Physician approval / referral


Anger Coaching (not therapy)