Are you ready to let go of fear and replace it with confidence?  Whether a fear of snakes or a fear of public speaking

“The thing you fear most has no power.

Your fear of it is what has the power.

Facing the truth really will set you free.”

Oprah Winfrey

This article was originally published July 20th, 2012 by William C. Smith

Replacing Fear with Confidence!


Are you ready to let go of fear and replace it with confidence?  Whether a fear of snakes or a fear of public speaking?

Do you know what the most common fear in America is?  Confidence in public speaking.   This affects people from all ages and walks of life – young children, students, professionals, athletes, business people, – nearly everyone!... And the second one – fear of snakes!

What are some other fears that children – and adults- face?

Fear of Thunder / lightening / storms
Fear of Flying in airplanes
Fear of Heights
Fear of Bugs – spiders, roaches, crawly things
Fear of Snakes
Fear of Needles / medical procedures
Fear of Driving on highways
Fear of Elevators, escalators, stairs
Fear of Crowds of people, social situations
Fear of Animals – especially big dogs
Fear of Failure and yes, even fear of Success
Fear of being hurt by love
And these are just a few fears I’ve helped people overcome!  And there are MANY more!
Using Hypnosis /NLP to help people overcome every day common fears can be very effective in building the person’s confidence so they can face fears without feeling out of control or worried about being embarrassed.  I help my clients in the Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex – and beyond - replace fear with confidence!
What about phobias?  I don’t work with phobias – that’s a psychological condition – much rarer than you may think.  Many people use the word “phobia” when they really mean “fear”.  Or in their mind they blow it all out of proportion to the point it seems like a phobia

"You can conquer almost any fear

if you will only make up your mind to do so.

For remember, fear doesn't exist

anywhere except in the mind.”

Dale Carnegie


Actually, the things I mentioned are just what the person recognizes as the fear.  There are two underlying factors that are the real fears:

1 – Feeling out of control, how they will react when confronted by something.  You might say this is really a fear of the fear itself.
2 – Embarrassment – what others will think – maybe even being laughed at
Did you know, there are only two fears we are born with? 
1 – Fear of falling
2 – Fear of loud noises
Now here’s something interesting to think about – those two fears don’t stand in the way of people when they really want to do something.
Fear of falling?  People climb mountains, go sky diving, and play sports where they get knocked down a lot.

Fear of loud noises?  Simple answer – loud music!  Loud sporting events like car racing.... So it just makes the very valid case we can overcome any fear we want to

“In order to succeed, your desire for success

should be greater than your fear of failure."

Bill Cosby 

Here’s one of the tools I use to teach my clients how to face situations they would normally bring that feeling of fear to their minds.  I teach them to reframe or change the perception of it.
I worked with a business executive recently who got a promotion that required him to do briefings for employees in groups ranging from 50 up to 500.  The man was terrified!  And this is a guy you wouldn’t expect to be terrified by anything. 
Here’s how he described it:
stomach was tied in knots
his legs would turn to rubber, tremble and shake
sweating gallons of sweat down his arms
head would either feel light and dizzy or like it was going to explode
breathing would be very shallow and almost in gasps
throat would feel dry, scratchy, restricted
lips quivering / trembling
voice would get squeaky, and fade in and out, or even jump to loud unexpectedly
Maybe you’ve experienced some of the same feelings about fears you’ve faced!

“Do not fear mistakes.

You will know failure.

Continue to reach out.”

Benjamin Franklin  


With Hypnosis, I do not do regression to go back and find the origin of the fear as some people do.  Here’s my approach – you know a particular fear causes you to feel uncomfortable, let’s fix it so the fear doesn’t bother you in the future. 
How do we do that?  I teach people to properly use Self Hypnosis instruction to minimize the fear while building confidence and minimize the uncomfortable feelings associated with the fear. 
We do some preliminary talking where we discuss the logic of fear, how some fears can be helpful, some are a nuisance, some have secondary gains (attention usually, or getting out of doing something), some fears are so far-fetched (fear of a meteor falling on your head), how other people experience the same or similar things, and then start talking about how getting rid of the fear will enhance the person’s life.
I have found that many times just talking about it, can help the person to realize that possibly, just possibly they may have blown something small out of proportion and that helps to “resize” it to a manageable annoyance instead of a fear.
We will also talk about how fears from the past, that are no longer a bother, were dealt with, and maybe some of the techniques they used successfully – maybe just getting a little older and more experience and confidence in life in general.
One question I get asked – “Will you help me remove ALL fears so I’ll never be afraid of anything again?”  Answer – “NO!”  Some fears are useful.  A fear that would keep you from petting a poisonous snake, or jumping out of an airplane without a parachute, for example.
But I will be glad to help you rid yourself of fears that are holding you back from enjoying life.
If there’s a fear that’s been bothering you, and you’re tired of letting it limit your life, let’s talk!

“Courage is fear holding on a minute longer.”

George S. Patton

Copyright 2012 All rights reserved.

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