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April showers, Spring cleaning, getting rid of bad habits!

Spring Cleaning - Bad Habits  Spring is a good time to start thinking about how to rid yourself of bad habits - just like pulling weeds out of your garden. Learn some techniques that will help you replace bad habits with good ones!


A lot of Clients come in to my office for help to reduce worry and stress and that is something Hypnosis / NLP can be Effective helping People Change!

Worry is a THIEF!  Would You Invite a Thief to Live with You?  It amazes me how many people do! They come in to my Hypnosis office and complain about this Thief, but yet it’s one they personally invited and have been making the Thief welcome for a very long time.

Sometimes you get on the elevator and before you can push the button, maybe you stand there too long and someone else punches the button, and then you are going DOWN or UP, depending on which one they punched.

Do You Live Your Life by Design or by Accident?  The Elevator!  Some people live in a world of blame and excuses, others live in a world of confidence and positive expectations.  Hypnosis and NLP can be used to help people regain control of their life – only if they WANT to. If they want to continue to blame others or to make excuses, then Hypnosis is not going to help. 


When You say "I AM", what are You Communicating to Yourself?

Using the "I AM" Self Hypnosis Technique What are you communicating with yourself when you say "I am , , ,"? It's time to learn to listen and use the right words because the wrong ones can destroy you!

Luca was trapped in an Invisible Cage.  Are You?

Are You Trapped in an Invisble Cage of Fear, Worry, Doubt, Anger, Shame?    Are you trapped in an invisible cage - of negative thoughts? Are thoughts sabotaging you? Or helping you succeed?


Have You found Your pot of GOLD?  A lot of people don't like the idea it requires work!

Have You Found Your Pot of Gold? Have you been seeking out that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow? Have you found it yet?   Maybe you have and you just haven’t told anyone yet. It seems like there’s not a day go by that we’re not bombarded with yet another “get rich quick scheme” or scam

Instead of a Bucket List - develop a Butterfly List of things to do
A Bucket List?  Use Hypnosis to Create a Butterfly List!  One of my favorite movies of all time was “The Bucket List” with Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman.  And it got me to thinking: Did I have a Bucket List?  Would I even want to have a Bucket List?


Do You remember the "Groundhog Day" movie?  Is Your Life like that?

Day After Day - Habits Create Your Life   Do You remember the movie “Groundhog Day”?  So now let me ask you a question. How much of your life is like Phil’s – the same thing over and over and over again. Oh yeah, I know there are differences in each day, but overall, I would guess on the average about 90% of each day is the same over and over.

Are you ready to let go of fear and replace it with confidence?  Whether a fear of snakes or a fear of public speaking

Replacing Fears with Confidence!  Using Hypnosis /NLP to help people overcome every day common fears can be very effective in building the person’s confidence so they can face fears without feeling out of control or worried about being embarrassed. 


Love Yourself and Others More!  "If You would be Loved, Love, and be Loveable" Benjamin Franklin

Love Yourself and Others More  There’s one person in your life who really, really needs this love, affection, and appreciation every day. Do you know who it is? YOU! I have so many people who come into my office telling me they don’t have good self esteem or they don’t feel worthy of love, or they feel inferior to others.

You want to STOP - not QUIT - Smoking.  Hypnosis / NLP at Dallas Fort Worth Hypnosis can help You do that!

The Seven Lies About Smoking!  You think You know the truth about Smoking?  Read this to get better informed and to get rid of the MythConceptions most people believe - which are NOT true!


Blaine is nine years old. He loves baseball! He would love to go to sports camps and spend nights at his friends house, but he is afraid he willl be embarrassed the next morning.
Using Hypnosis to help a baseball player stop wetting his bed.   First thing to realize, he’s probably embarrassed to be talking about it anyway.  Facing the embarrassment of the thought that his teammates may tease him and his friends might make fun of him. And it took courage for him to consider Hypnosis for help with this problem..

Memories from the cherry tomatoes in my Grandfather's Garden and Self Hypnosis.

Memories from the Tomatoes in my Grandfather's Garden  One of the things I tell my clients and students is that all Hypnosis is Self Hypnosis. And Hypnosis is simply being receptive to a suggestion. The suggestion could be from an outside source, or a memory, or a combination of both - in this case cherry tomatoes!


What do Butterbeans and Hypnosis have to do with Half Price Book stores?

What does Hypnosis have to do with “butterbeans” and Half Price Book Stores?   Imagine my surprise recently when I heard a commercial for Half Price Books – one of my most favorite places in the world – and I heard them talking about butter beans!

Diets are good - REALLY?  How many diets have You been on and gained the weight back?

The Seven Myths of Weight Loss that will Sabotage You -- Have You wondered why Losing Weight is so difficult?  Read this article and You will have a much better understanding of how to get rid of that EXCESS weight!


But of course she really wanted me to wave a magic wand and make the excess weight disappear - just like most people want!

Hypnosis and Self Forgiveness for a Healthy Weight  Connie was one of my weight reduction clients. She wanted to “lose” 50 pounds. Or at least that’s what she thought she wanted when we first talked on the phone. Obviously, she had not read the information on my website about the difference between “losing” weight and getting rid of it.  

Gizer asleep on his couch - tired from guard duty and patrolling the neighborhood to keep it safe

A lot of people think when they’re Hypnotized they’re going to be asleep.  Where do they get that idea? From television and stage Hypnosis. For whatever reason, Hypnotists in those circumstances use the word “Sleep” when what they really mean is “close your eyes and be relaxed.”


Gizer teaches Children and Adults how to change Fear to Confidence.
GIZER’S STORY FOR CHILDREN And ADULTS -- REMOVING FEARS  In order to help my Hypnosis / NLP clients – young and old to overcome fears and develop confidence, I enlisted the aid of Gizer, a very wise, furry, four legged friend from a few years back.

Help with New Year's Resolutions
You’ll notice that some common words You use will either SABOTAGE Your New Year’s Resolutions or Help You SUCCEED.  Make it easier by using the Success words!



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