Self Sabotage - worry about what other Golfers are thinking

Top Nine Ways


to Self Sabotage


Your Golf Score

This article was originally published by William C. Smith, BCH -- April 10th, 2012

Most problems on the Golf course start (and can end) in the Golfer’s Mind. 
Many of the Golfers who come to see me for Sports Hypnosis / NLP in my Dallas / Fort Worth office (or have me travel to them) get very frustrated with their Golf game.  
They’ll try all kinds of ways to fix the problem, but they usually look at the wrong ways first. 
Why?  Because they look for outside solutions for problems that usually have inside solutions – inside the Subconscious Mind.

“I have a tip that can take five strokes
off anyone’s game:
it’s called an eraser.”
Arnold Palmer

DON’T follow or use the advice / instruction of Your Golf Pro / Instructor/ Mental Coach. Instead think that buying the newest, improved golf club, ball, equipment, etc. will fix Your game – with no effort on Your part.

Continue to worry about what other people think about Your Golf game. Here’s the truth – they DON’T care! They’re busy worrying about what You think about Their Golf game! So they don’t have time to think about Yours.

If You have a bad shot, berate / beat Yourself up. Tell Yourself what a lousy, crummy Golfer You are.

“I'm about five inches from
being an outstanding golfer.
That's the distance my
left ear is from my right.”
Ben Crenshaw

Carry the last shot with You to the next shot. Be thinking about Your last shot instead of the current shot.

While You’re playing golf, especially as You’re about to take a shot, be thinking about the argument You had with Your wife / husband, girlfriend / boyfriend, boss, kids, etc.

Be thinking about the Mechanics of Your game, especially when You’re about to take a swing.

“The only thing worse than

looking ahead on the golf course

is looking backwards.”

Jim Flick

DO continue with Negative Self Talk like “I’ll never make this shot”, “Where’s my water ball”, “That sand trap has my name on it”, “I’m going to miss this shot.” “Uh-oh – another lousy swing.”

DO have the New Year’s Resolution Mindset, but don’t go through with Your Commitment to practice more, utilize a Golf Mental Coach, get in better shape, etc.

DON’T have a Mental Golf Coach help You with Confidence, Focus, Positive Self Talk, Stress Reduction, etc.

“There is no room in your mind for negative thoughts.
The busier you keep yourself with the particular of shot assessment and execution,
the less chance your mind has to dwell on the emotional.”
Jack Nicklaus


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