Whatever your sport  golf, hockey, football, baseball, basketball, soccer, body building and whatever your age or skill level, sports hypnosis can help you turn that dream into success.
Using Sports Performance Hypnosis / NLP
for Success It Starts
with a Dream!

This article was originally published by William C. Smith, BCH July 14th, 2011

"Life takes on meaning when

you become motivated, set goals

and charge after them

in an unstoppable manner."
 Les Brown
It starts with a Dream
A Dream becomes a Goal
To get to the Goal, develop a Plan
And then work the Plan
And adjust the Plan as needed to Achieve the Goal
And that makes the Dream – Reality
Every successful Athlete has Goals. Do you? If not, why not? Are they important? Yes, in fact, they’re just down right essential if you really want to be successful.
But here’s something a lot of people don’t know – Goals have to start with a Dream!.Not the kind of dream you have at night while you’re sleeping, although you may find yourself “night dreaming” about them.
I’m talking about the kind of Dreams that causes you to look ahead and see and feel yourself being the Athlete you want and deserve to be.
Some obvious Dreams:
· Football players dream of winning the Super Bowl
· Baseball players – World Series
· Hockey – the Stanley Cup
· Basketball – NBA Championships
· Golf – Masters Tournament
· Tennis – Wimbledon
· Soccer – World Cup
· Body Building – Mr. (or Miss) Universe
"What keeps me going is goals."
Muhammad Ali
Those are all wonderful and exciting, but the goal has to be achievable to be believable. And it has to be believable to be effective. Rarely can those “super goals” be achieved without many smaller goals in between.
There is of course the example in one of my earlier Sports Hypnosis Blogs of someone whose dream of winning the Super Bowl became his Goal – and he did – not just once, but four times. If you’ll remember, he won many more Super Bowls in his mind before he ever became an NFL player!
Once you have the DREAM of what it looks like to accomplish something, it needs to be turned into a Goal.\
A Goal is the distilling down of the Dream into a concise wording of the Dream.
After you identify the Goal, you develop a Plan for achieving the Goal
Many aspects of the Plan will become smaller Goals or stepping stones along the way to achieving the Long Term Goal.
Then the most important part – you work on the Plan.
Not just think about it.
Not just dream about it.
Not just wish for it.
You WORK the Plan.
You put it into Action.
Here are some other important aspects of successfully achieving your Goals:
Adjust the Plan along the way. You may notice something’s not working the way you thought it would. Or you may notice there’s an element you need to add to your plan. Or even that you accomplish that segment so quickly you need to move up your timetable for Success.

"It isn't hard to be good from time to time in sports.

What is tough, is being good every day."
-- Willie Mays
Motivation and Desire:
For any Goal to be successful, you have to have the right Motivation and Desire for the success of that Goal. And it needs to be personalized for YOU!
Identify any Obstacles:
You need to identify any obstacles that may stand in your way and develop a plan of action that will overcome those obstacles.
· Time – setting aside necessary time to work on your goal
· Finances – you may need to find the funds for additional training, equipment, etc.
· Information – finding the resources that will provide you any information you need
· Lack of a Coach or Mentor – find someone who either has had success in this area, or someone with the right success and communication skills who can help you stay on track
Habits and Attitudes:
Work on any personal habits or attitudes that may be holding you back. Such as:
· Laziness
· Procrastination
· Worry (totally useless)? – and Yes, Worry is a habit.
· Lack of Focus
· Doubts – Doubts can kill Dreams
· Unsupportive friends / family
Your chance of achieving your goals without taking action is probably less than winning the lottery. That would be like having your goal of winning the lottery, but not even buying a ticket.
So get out there and:
And when you achieve that Goal? Create and take Action on another BIGGER Goal!.

“The difference between the impossible

and the possible lies in determination.”

-Tommy Lasorda

How will Sports Hypnosis/ NLP help you achieve your Goals?
· Better Focus
· Removing Fears, Doubts
· Changing Procrastination into Action
· Building Confidence
· And Much More!
If you need any assistance, let me know.
And yes, you can read about Joe Montana in one of my earlier Sports Hypnosis Blogs – about how he began winning Super Bowls when he was just a young kid playing football with his friends in his backyard. And how he dreamed it so big that he made it into a Goal and achieved the real Super Bowl – not just once, but FOUR times!

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