DO find a good Golf Pro / Mental Coach and follow and use His / Her advice / instruction.

Top Nine Ways


to Improve


Your Golf Score

This article was originally published by William C. Smith, BCH -- April 10th, 2012

So if the problem is between the ears and the solution is between the ears, how does a Golfer go about fixing it? 
Here’s step # 1 – change Your thought patterns!  One of the first things a Golfer says to me when they call is “My problem with my Golf game is . . .”  It should be “THE problem with my Golf game is . . .”   
I teach my athletes, whether they come to my Sports Hypnosis / NLP office in Dallas / Fort Worth or pay me to travel to them, to OWN the SOLUTION, NOT the PROBLEM!  Instead of “I HAVE the YIPS”  it should be “I’m experiencing THE YIPS”.  Get rid of ownership of what You don’t want to have!

When you're prepared,
you're more confident.
When you have a strategy,
you're more comfortable.”

Fred Couples

DO find a good Golf Pro / Instructor/ Mental Coach and follow and use His / Her advice / instruction.

STOP being concerned about what Your Golf Buddies are thinking about Your game. Focus on Your swing, Your Golf and let them think about Their Golf Game

If You execute a bad shot, review it once in Your mind to see what You could have done better. Then replay it in Your mind as You would have liked the shot to be. Do this while walking to the next hole – NOT while making Your next swing.

“You swing your best when you have

the fewest things to think about.”

Bobby Jones

After EACH swing, clear Your Mind! Whether it was lousy or great, let it go and focus in the Moment during Your next shot.

When You’re playing Golf, remember You’re there to have fun. Let go of any arguments / conversations / stress from Your personal or business Life. Enjoy the Game!

Work on the golf Mechanics of Your game during Practice. When You’re playing, allow Your swing to be natural and easy.

"Success in golf depends
less on strength of body
than upon strength of mind

and character."

Arnold Palmer

Replace any Negative Self Talk with Confident Self Talk. Here are some examples: “I’m up to the Challenge of this shot”, “Water hazards remind me how Fluid and Confident my Swing is”, “My target is the Green, now what’s the best way to get it there?”, “I’m going to make this shot look Easy!” “Wow – another Great shot.”

DO have the New Year’s Resolution Mindset – Resolve to go through with Your Commitment to practice more, utilize a Golf Mental Coach, get in better shape, etc.

Just like You use a Golf Pro / Coach to work on Your Mechanics, utilize on a regular basis the services of a Mental Golf Coach to help You with Confidence, Focus, Positive Self Talk, Stress Reduction, etc.

“Golf is a lot like life.
When you make a decision,

stick with it.”

Byron Nelson

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