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Relationships / Dating / Shyness - so Complicated!
Many people visit my Dallas / Fort Worth Hypnosis office to boost their Confidence in relationships.*  There are many types of relationships - business, friends, teammates, co-workers, etc.  The most common areas of relationships are the personal kind, between spouses, or dating relationships. 
Sometimes it can come from shyness - getting the Confidence to ask someone out!*  Do You know where shyness comes from?  It comes from when we were little kids and when a giant (strange adult) approached who was probably a friend of our Mother.  What did we do?  We hid behind our Mother.  What did Mother say?  She would just say "Oh little Billy or Jane is just shy."  And then we repeated it to ourselves so many times we believed.  It became a habitual way of thinking.  And just as we can change physical habits - such as smoking, or nail biting, we can change mental habits too!
And sometimes it's wanting to have a better relationship with an already established bond between two people.*  You would be surprised how many women tell me their husbands or boyfriends don't listen to them.  And then guess what?  The husbands tell me the same thing!  So what I do is using Hypnosis help the person develop the skills to talk to the person in a more Confident way.*
Relationships can be complicated.  Dallas, Fort Worth Hypnosis can help make it less complicated.
Relationships can be complicated.  Dallas, Fort Worth Hypnosis can help make it less complicated.
The other relationships I mentioned - business, friends, co-workers, teammates? Yes Hypnosis can help build the Confidence needed to feel comfortable in those relationships as well.*

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*Results will / may vary from person to person based on your desire to change and your commitment to use the tools and suggestions you are taught.

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