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You may have met Gizer, or an old dog like him.


This is Sandy. Laura is his special Friend!


Here are several of Gizer's Friends being Lazy.


This is Milo.  He lives with Jamie, Sarah, and Nick.  He likes to watch the fish!


This is Lucky.  He's a Friend of Pat's.


This is Missy.  She's very Sweet.


Pete can see further when he's on Bob's head and shoulders.


This is Chatter.  He lives in the Park.  He likes Acorns!


This is Chico.  He likes to watch Soccer.


This is Goose, Maverick, and Miss Maxine.  They live in Arkansas with Brad.

Gizer and all his Friends hope you enjoy the story.  It's good for everyone - not just boys and girls, but Mothers and Fathers, and Grandparents and everyone else too!


Gizer's Story -- That’s Not Like Me!

You may have met Gizer, or an old Dog like him.  Gizer is very quiet, is very gentle, and seems to sometimes behave more like a Cat than a Dog. 

He likes to go for walks, smell the grass, take long – very long naps, and seems very wise.  In fact, not only does he seem very wise.  He is very wise. 

Why is he very wise?  Because he Listens more than he talks (barks), and Watches and Observes everything going on around him – he has Curiosity – like a Cat!

All the other Dogs in the neighborhood, small and large, young and old, those you would recognize such as Poodles, or German Shepherds, or Beagles, or Yellow (or black) Labs, and even those who some people love most of all – the Mutts! 

And even Cats, and Squirrels, and Raccoons, and Birds, and even People know how Intelligent and Wise he is and Kind too!  And they all like him.

One day Gizer decided he needed to help some of the other Dogs in his neighborhood.  Why? 

Because he noticed they had a very bad Habit of always putting themselves, and others, down with negative words and making up excuses for things.  Thoughts like;  “I can’t.  I’m stupid.  I’m clumsy.  I’m ugly.  I’m too fat (or too skinny), I can’t do anything right.  I’m too tired.  I’m just lazy.  No one likes me.  I don’t have any friends.” 

THOSE kinds of Thoughts and Words.

Gizer knew he had to help his Friends change the way they Thought before those negative Thoughts got worse and kept them from living a Happy Life. 

After several naps and much Thought, Gizer came up with a very Loving idea.  One day, while talking to his friends in a meeting he had called in the park near his home, he told them that every time they used one of those excuses or Thoughts, or said, one of those negative Thoughts, they should say to themselves “That‘s not like me!” 

And the Dogs who were not there at the meeting?  He told them the next time they saw each other.

The first day after their conversation, the other Dogs caught themselves having those negative Thoughts many, many times.  The next day a little less.  And the next day even less. 

And as the days went by there were fewer and fewer of those negative Thoughts and excuses. 

The Dogs soon realized it was becoming easier and easier to let go of those negative Thoughts and excuses.  They also were happy to find that other Dogs and People and even Cats smiled more when they saw them.

One day they realized they hadn’t caught themselves saying those negative things in several days.  They were so excited and proud of their accomplishment! 

They ran to Gizer the next time they saw him and told him how they no longer said or thought those negative things.  Gizer was very proud of his Friends.   Then Gizer gave them a new assignment. 

Now instead of negative Thoughts, they should Think and Say POSITIVE things about themselves and others.  Things like:  “I can.  I’m Smart.  Everyone likes me.  I’m Healthy and Happy.  I always do my Best.  I’m a Good Dog!” 

Gizer told them that every time they did, they should say “Now that’s JUST like ME.  I’m a wonderful DOG!”

Each day, it became easier and easier and after some time had passed, they were able to tell Gizer they were doing better at home, they had more friends – other Dogs, Cats, and People, and they were so much happier. 

Gizer smiled at them and told them, “I’ve always been proud of you and now I’m even more proud of all of you -- you’ve learned a valuable lesson. 

You learned that when you have negative Thoughts or have silly excuses, those Words and Thoughts could keep you from being Happy and could keep you from Succeeding in Life.  But now you know the Secret of Positive Words and Thoughts, and they will help you be Happy, Healthy, and Successful in Life.”

And that’s how the other Dogs learned the valuable lesson of how Words and Thoughts can influence all of them and all of us for Success or failure in our Lives. 

And you know what?  Gizer even talked to the Cats and Squirrels and Birds and other Animals and taught them how important this lesson is too.

Now, what did YOU learn from reading this story about Gizer and his Friends?
William C. Smith, Alpha Process Coach, BCH. CI
Copyright 2010




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