New Year’s Resolution -- Words make a Difference.


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This article was originally published December 7th, 2010 by William C. Smith


New Year’s Resolution

 -- Words DO make a Difference.


You’ll notice that some common words You use will either SABOTAGE Your New Year’s Resolutions or Help You SUCCEED.  Make it easier by using the Success words!



Lose – Do You really want to LOSE weight?  Do You remember the last time You LOST Your car keys, a shoe, Your glasses?   Did You look for them and hope You FOUND them?  Or how about when a person loses a job? Loses money?  Or their favorite sports team loses?  Does it really make sense that You would want to LOSE weight?  No – that word just sabotages Your efforts.  That’s why people who LOSE weight, generally find it again.

REDUCE – You want to REDUCE / manage / control Your weight – make healthier choices.  Now isn’t that better than LOSING it and finding it ag

Quit – Another negative word.  Think back to when You were younger, maybe even just last week.  Do You remember someone saying (maybe a coach, parent, teacher, or a friend) to You “You’re not a Quitter, are YOU?” in that tone of voice that indicated disapproval.  Have You ever wondered why the cigarette companies use the word QUIT in their “public service” ads?  Because they know that people who QUIT are likely to start back again.

STOP – STOP smoking / dipping (or other bad habits.  STOP with intention, just like stopping a car with intention.  You don’t QUIT Your car do you?  You STOP it with intention.  Here’s a bonus thought – when You see a red light or stop sign – remember, they’re used to CONTROL traffic.  So when You see one, it reminds You that now YOU are in control – not the bad habit and that You stopped with Intention!

Going to – I am going to _______ (You fill in the blank).  Sounds good doesn’t it?  But WHEN are You going to (blank)?  If You just say You’re “going to” without a specific time / date attached, there’s no real urgency or drive behind Your words.

AM / NOW – use AM and NOW phrases.  I AM reducing my weight.  NOW, I am free of that nasty (annoying) habit

Need to --  OK, You NEED to reduce Your weight, stop smoking, etc.   You’ve needed to for a long time.  You’re just stating an observation.  That’s not a resolution with any real impact.

USED TO / BUT NOW – Here’s a great way of using Your mind to make changes.  Use the phrase “I used to _______, but now I ____________”.  "I used to smoke, but now I breathe more easily."   "I used to over eat, but now I eat healthy portions."  "I used to eat when I was bored, but now I eat for health and nutrition."  You get the idea.

Want to –  This is the same as NEED.  It’s like WISHING.  So You WANT to!  How about what are You going to DO to get what You want?  Stop whining about what You WANT and set up an action plan to achieve Your goals.

PERMISSION – Here’s a great phrase that helps You succeed.  We always wanted permission when we were younger.  Now, give Yourself PERMISSION!   "I give myself permission to be healthy."  "I give myself permission to have more confidence."  "I give myself permission to succeed."

BONUS – don’t make a resolution to MAKE more money this year – unless You work for the US Government – they print “make” money.  Instead, resolve to EARN more money – either by Your own work or investments.  If You “make” money, You just might be arrested for counterfeiting.   Do it the right way – EARN it.  Add value to what You do or offer.


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